Wooden Raised Beds

Wooden Raised beds made at Newtown Community Garden from untreated Welsh larch

raised beds

Raised beds make growing your own veg and herbs easy:

You can set one up in almost any garden, on a hard surface (e.g. a patio) or a soft one (e.g. a lawn)

Fill it with a mix of good soil and compost – it will give plants the conditions they need to grow well

The sizes of the beds mean that you can reach to the middle from the sides, so you never need to tread on the soil – there is no compaction (so no digging!) and you can pack lots of plants into a small space

The extra height and friable soil in the beds makes planting, weeding and harvesting easier, and you can easily cover them with fleece or netting against the cold or pests.


Robust, long-lasting and attractive beds, built by growers for growers

Materials, sizes and prices

Cultivate’s sturdy raised beds are made from 4.5mm thick lengths of rough sawn Welsh larch which is a naturally durable timber. They come in three basic sizes:

Small   Approx 1.2m x 1.2 m,  30cm deep   (4ft x 4ft x 1ft)                                 £55

(Detailed external measurement  1.2m x 1.3m x 30cm, timber thickness 4.5mm; all measurements ± 5mm)

Medium  Approx 1.2 x 2.4m,  30cm deep   (4ft x  8ft x 1ft)                                £70

(Detailed external measurement  1.2m x 2.5m x 30cm, timber thickness 4.5mm; all measurements ± 5mm)

Large  Approx 1.2 x 3.6m,  30cm deep   (4ft x 12ft x 1ft)                                    £85

(Detailed external measurement  1.2m x 3.7m x 30cm, timber thickness 4.5mm; all measurements ± 5mm)

Making deeper beds

The units have feet and can be stacked on top of one another to give a deeper bed
The beds come flat packed, with pre-drilled holes, and screws are supplied. All you need to assemble them is a screwdriver. Or we can deliver and do this for you – please ask for quote.Delivery and assembly

                  See the raised beds in use at Newtown Community Garden


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