Grow wild- Cultivate Native Newtown 2015

Grow wild is a lottery funded project supported through Kew gardens. It is about reconnecting people with nature and increasing knowledge about the importance of native plants and wildlife.

There are two main strands of our Cultivate Grow wild Native Newtown project, growing native plants and art. We will be growing plants from seed and cuttings on our nursery and then planting them out around Newtown particularly a plain grass strip leading past the community garden to the college. The arts project will consist of a workshop to design a mural for the end wall of our barn, there will then be a series of four workshops to paint the wall. During these sessions there will be filming workshops to record the process and make a short five minute film to go on line.

Dates for you diary:

April – Every Monday in April. 10am – 4pm Propagation workshops

May – Every Wednesday in May. Preparing the wall for the mural – clean, prime, undercoat.

May – Design workshop(Date to be confirmed)

June – Wednesday planting out wild flowers (Date to be confirmed)

July – Every Wednesday. Painting the mural (Provisional days)

To get involved contact us

To see the development of our project go to the Grow wild web page.