Access to land

raised beds


At cultivate we aim to allow people access to growing land. This can be any size from our small raised beds, to micro allotment (1.2m wide by 2 or 3m), to larger bits of land for want-to-be commercial growers. We have raised beds around Newtown, 35 micro allotments on our Newtown community garden site and two larger commercial growing areas, and 15 micro allotments on our Llanidloes site.


Cultivate is working towards setting up a 6 -8 acre market garden in Newtown. We have been looking for a suitable site for quite a long time so if you have any ideas please let us know. A market garden would complement our existing network of community gardens and school growing sites. Enabling more people to gain knowledge of larger scale production.

We promote environmental and sustainable methods of growing food that enhance our natural environment. Feeding the soil with organic matter to nourish soil microbes that in turn feed our plants. Planting diverse growing systems that encourage pollinators and pest predators. Building systems that will withstand the changing weather conditions  of the future and feed a growing population.