We are passionate about food and food growing and are working for a stronger and more localised food economy. Organic horticulture produces quality fruit and veg whilst also protecting and enhancing the natural environment!

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Welcome to Cultivate

Cultivate is a social enterprise linking food and community. We aim to address many of the issues associated with the modern food system, and working towards sustainable local food solutions.

We have developed three community gardens in Powys during three years between March 2012 – 2015 as part of a Lottery funded project called Get-Growing. These gardens are based in Newtown, Llanidloes and Llanfyllin.

We also run several micro businesses: a plant nursery specialising in edible, ornament and native plants; as well as a food hub and shop in Newtown offering local and Welsh fresh and preserved goods. We also run courses and training, to encourage more people to get involved with growing and environmental awareness.

The gardens have cropping areas for fruit and vegetables,  communal growing areas, individual plots and areas to spend time and have fun. We have regular volunteer days on each site , with our Newtown hub providing free local produce lunch on our regular Wednesday volunteer day.

One of Cultivate’s aims is to assist people in gaining access to land. We build wooden raised beds that can be placed on any surface for an instant garden, many can be found around the town such as at the railway station. Each of our community garden sites provides micro allotments for people that want their own space. Small pieces of land that enable individuals to have a go at growing a small amount of food for them selves, without the daunting mass of weeds on a standard size allotment. We also allow access to land for growers that want to grow to sell, seeking larger plots of good growing land through land share. Each of our sites provide access to tools, seeds, plants and advice.


The Cultivate Team in front of the roundhouse in the Newtown garden

Horticulture for an abundant future
Here at Cultivate we are trying out new ideas constantly, looking for ways to produce organic food affordably and easily as well as in a way that is good for the environment. Low carbon and even carbon negative ways to produce food could be a key factor in achieving a sustainable future. Below is our first set of Hugl beds, made by burying rotten wood in the ground and stacking them on top with turf, soil and compost. This produces a long term stable and very fertile growing space that retains water and is very low in maintenance. We believe that these kind of ideas and strategies will be of increasing importance in the years to come.

Hugl kultur beds at Pen DInas, inspired by Austrian hill farmer Sepp Holzer

Hugl Kultur beds at Pen Dinas, inspired by Austrian hill farmer Sepp Holzer, a pioneer of sustainable food production

We run regular long and short courses throughout the year. Teaching and demonstrating organic horticulture, permaculture and traditional crafts.

To find out more about our staff and volunteers see Who Are We.

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